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Phaser Control Recording Studio was completed in 2012. It was conceived by musicians and designed by renowned studio Designer Rod Gervais. The goal was simple: build a recording facility that can capture all the warmth, tone and nuance of whatever sounds are produced in it. That goal was realized (and then some) through the advanced construction principles of Rod's design. In today's digitally dominated recording world, real room recording sounds are becoming obsolete. Replaced instead by libraries upon libraries of previously recorded sounds. It's these "real room" sounds that in our opinion, make the best sounding records such as many of the albums recorded before the advent of the digital recording medium. At Phaser Control, we seamlessly blend the principles of classic A room studio recording with an ultra modern design and the best in digital capabilities. Artistic integrity is our motto. We want your project to not only reflect your art to its fullest potential, but also to reflect our passion for recording and our commitment to getting your project to sound the best it possibly can. Our custom designed recording room and state of the art recording tools in conjunction with our vast array of dynamic microphones, pre amps and selection of vintage amps, guitars, basses, keyboards, synths and drum sets gives you the tools and options to make the recording you've envisioned. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always excited to work on new projects. We are working musicians so we understand what your work means to you and will hold it in the highest regard. Phaser Control offers the only recording room of its kind built on the west coast and can offer this unique room at rates that better almost any other professional-grade recording studio in California. We invite you to schedule a tour and come talk about your project with us. We are always happy to answer any questions.


CONTEST: Cut a Single

Welcome to Phaser Control Recording Studio. We're happy you've taken an interest in the CUT A SINGLE contest. This is your chance to work with us on one of your original songs. If chosen, your original track will be co-produced, recorded and mixed by Timothy Joseph and Patrick Heaney at Phaser Control all on our dime. Being composers, musicians and producers, who have worked and performed out of San Diego our entire lives, we believe that this city harbors a wealth of musical talent. We wanted to be able to give some of that talent a chance to shine and give back to the music community that has given so much to us.

The premise of this contest is simple: we are looking to produce and record a great single. We will choose 1 song from the pool of submissions that we think has the most potential for grabbing ears and hanging on. All you have to do is submit a listenable demo of your song. The recording doesn't have to be fancy, it can be a full band, or just single instrument with vocals, as long as we can hear what's going on. An i-phone, micro-recorder or bedroom recording will do. Since we are involved with the San Diego music scene on such a deep level, we've decided to make the submission process anonymous. That means that we won't know what band or artist submitted the song and will only be judging on the merits of the music.

All submissions will be uploaded via the anonymous forms provided below. The submissions must contain the song title only. No band names, links or info allowed. After our selection is made, we will announce the selected song and the winning artist/band can come forward. We hope this anonymous submission process encourages musicians and composers of all disciplines, styles and genres to submit with confidence. Of course if your piece is chosen, you will retain all rights and publishing to it and have the master tracks to do with as you wish after we've finished. We aren't looking to take your music from you, just help you get it out there sounding incredible. The winning track will also be mastered for FREE courtesy of Mr. Paul Abbott at ZEN MASTERING. Submissions end May 15th, 2017. The requirements and rules for submission are listed below.

Good Luck!


Contest Rules:

  • Your project MUST be based in San Diego, CA.
  • Your submission must NOT be a previously released track.
  • You must NOT include your band/project name in the song title.
  • This contest is based on song merit only. Any attempt to contact Phaser Control or it's employees to gain favor will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Upload 1 song only. Be sure the quality is clear enough so we can make out the composition, vocal lines (if any), basic instrumentation and key.
  • Be sure to title your song clearly.
  • Phaser Control Recording Studio reserves the right to choose an alternate winner if the original winner is unable to fulfill time and/or recording obligations or violates any of the contest conditions.
  • Submit your music by May 15th, 2017.

You Are Being Recorded

Gear List

  • Neumann M149 (2)
  • Neumann TLM170R
  • Neumann U67
  • AKG C12
  • Royer 122 (2)
  • MBNM 608CL Lollipop (2)
  • AKG C451 B (2)
  • AKG Perception 300
  • Blue Dragonfly
  • Oktava MK219 w/ Joly mod (2)
  • Nady RSM-4
  • Nady RSM-3
  • Audio Technica AT3035
  • MXL 4000
  • MXL V63M
  • MXL 990
  • MXL 991
  • Sennheiser 421 (2)
  • Sennheiser 441
  • Sennheiser D112 (2)
  • Shure 57 (4)
  • Shure Beta 57 (4)
  • Shure Beta 58
  • Shure Beta 87
  • Gibson J45
  • Gibson SG
  • Fender Toronado
  • Fender Stratacaster
  • Fender Stratocaster (custom shop Jeff Beck design 2007)
  • Fender Stratocaster (US 1996)
  • Cordoba Ukelele
  • Epiphone Mandolin
  • Dean Chrome G Resonator
  • Dean Chrome Resonator
  • Martin DX1 acoustic
  • Martin DX1 acoustic/electric
  • Simon & Patrick concert acoustic
  • National SG
  • Eastwood baritone guitar
  • Maestro dobro
  • Martin hawiian x
  • Regan dobro
  • Maesxyo
  • Rickenbacher 37 lap steel
  • Supro double neck lap steel
  • Supro lap steel
  • Sender String Tone lap steel
  • Seville
  • Harden Industries lap steel
  • Rickenbacher electro lap steel
  • Epiphone special 2 les paul
  • Epiphone les paul
  • Nitro 3 peavey
  • Magna tone lap steel
  • Dobro dobro
  • custom strat
  • Goldtone weisen born style
  • Fender Precision (1977)
  • Fender Precision (2000)
  • Fender Precision (1990)
  • Fender Musicmaster (1973)
  • Fender Jazz (1988)
  • Fender Jazz (1989)
  • G&L L-1000 (1982)
  • G&L L-1000 (1983)
  • G&L SB-1 (1985)
  • Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray (1992)
  • Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling (1994)
  • Dean Playmate Acoustic
  • Fender Squire Jazz
  • DW Edge Snare
  • 13" Black Beauty Snare
  • Rogers Kick Drum
  • Ludwig Toms (3)
  • Ludwig Piccilo Snare
  • Pearl Forum 5 Piece
  • Paiste Full Crash 18"
  • Sound Formula 16"
  • Paiste Traditional FX Thin 16"
  • Paiste Sig. Fast Crash 16"
  • Paiste Dimentions Thin Crash 18"
  • Sonar Super Tyrro 20"
  • Paiste Thin Heavy 19" HH
  • Paiste Dark Energy 20"
  • Zildjian 13" New Beat HH
  • Paiste Sig HH 14"
  • Zildian Vintage 13" HH
  • Paiste 13" Medium HH
  • Paiste 13" Dark Energy HH
  • Paiste 602 14" HH
  • Paiste Dimensions 17" (3) Light Medium Dark
  • Paiste Dimensions 18" (3) Light Medium Dark
  • Zildjian K HH 13"
  • Paiste 2002 HH 14"
  • Zildjian K 19"
  • Paiste 602 HH 13"
  • Paiste Dimensions 16"
  • Paiste 18" Bright
  • Paiste 602 18" (2)
  • Paiste 602 20" (2)
  • Zildjian K 20"
  • Paiste Dark Crisp 13"
  • Paiste Dimensions 13" HH
  • Paiste Dimensions 20" (3) Light Medium Dark
  • Paiste Dimensions 16"
  • Paiste Full Ride 20"
  • Paiste Dark Full 20"
  • Paiste Dimensions 13" HH
  • Paiste 602 22"
  • Paiste 20"
  • Paiste Dimensions 14" HH
  • Zildjian Avedeis 20"
  • Genelec 8040A
  • Yamaha NS-10
  • Yamaha HS80
  • JBL LSR4312SP Subwoofer
  • Hafler Amp
  • Vox AC30 (JMI 1964 Supertwin) 2'12 Cab
  • Satellite Handwired Custom 30 2'12 Cab
  • Fender Prosonic 50 2'12 Cab
  • Fender Bassman 2 '12 Cab
  • Fender hot rod Deville (410)
  • Fender Deville (212)
  • Fender Twin Reverb
  • Fender Musicmaster (1970’s)
  • Fender Acoustasonic 50
  • Roland KC550
  • Eden David VT-40
  • Mesa Boogie Walkabout
Pianos & Synths:
  • Moog Little Phatty
  • Nord electro 3 64
  • Korg MircoKorg
  • Jaymar Toy Piano
  • Harmonium
  • Electro Harmonics Poly Analog Chorus/Flanger
  • MXR Carbon Copy
  • MXR Dyna Comp
  • MXR Micro Amp
  • MXR Phase 90
  • Boss Digital Delay DD-5 (2)
  • Boss Digital Reverb RV-3
  • Boss Digital Reverb RV-5
  • Boss Tremelo
  • Boss BF-2 Flanger
  • Boss TU-2 Tuner (2)
  • Ibenez CF-7 Chorus Flanger
  • Ibenez TS808 Tube Screamer
  • Fulltone GT-500 Distortion Booster/Overdrive
  • Digitech Tone Driver
  • L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI
  • DOD FX82 Bass Compressor
  • SansAmp GT2
  • Line6 DL4
  • Line6 MM4
  • Digitech Whammy
  • Ernie Ball VPJR
  • Raven MTi
  • Mac Pro 3.33 GHz 6-Core 32GB RAM 10TB Storage
  • Apogee Symphony 24 in x 24 out
  • Pro Tools HD10
  • Plug Ins
  • API 212 (12)
  • Neve Portico (8)
  • Emperical Labs EL8-X Distressors (2)
  • Universal Audio 2-1176
  • over 200,000 samples

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